Matrimonial Portal

A Matrimonial Portal is one where relationships are made for a lifetime. Hence, when a matrimonial portal is designed, it should not only balance all the needs, requirements and features, it should also give importance to data security as many personal profiles are listed and credit card transactions occure.

Key Features of Our Matrimonial Portal Development

Guest user
Register Member
Verification Documents Module
Banner Management
Wedding Directory / Classifieds
Contact Profiles
Mailing Feature

job portal

A job portal is a gateway to success for many individuals, be they first time job seekers or grizzled veterans. However, to run the online portal effectively and ensure adequate data security, you need professional Classified website development services. Trichy Website  develops the best classified portal services Trichy can offer.

Everything You Need to Run Your Own Job Portal!

A career portal should have many features for job seekers and prospective employers to engage easily. As a leading classified web design company in Trichy, we have interacted with recruitment experts and industry veterans to deliver a ready-made solution that is plug and play. Some of the top features we deliver in our package are listed below.

Online Job Portal Features

We offer excellent front-end and back-end features for you to have a hassle-free business launch.
  • Search options for job seekers and job opportunities
  • User registration
  • Job search engine
  • Job categories
  • User ratings and reviews
  • Support for sponsor ads, banner ads, text ads
  • Testimonials
  • Social medial integration
  • Live chat integration
  • Registration Form for Job Seekers
  • Editing and removing options of Jobs post
  • Duration of jobs to be displayed
  • Access for job seekers to upload resume, profile, etc.
  • Provide space for the clients
  • Setting email alerts
  • Database search to view jobseekers resume
  • View online billing payments
  • Advertisers and Sponsors
  • User Registration and Verification
  • Searchable option to find the desired jobs
  • Registration process with relevant details
  • User profile creation will all details
  • Free Resume posting
  • View company profiles
  • Setting up Job notification/alerts
  • Tell a friend
  • Advance search option for jobs

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news portal development

The news portal development allows publications, press releases, columns, articles, blogs and other news related content. We create and develop innovative website and modern style portals with content management system (CMS). We provide sections of local and international news, lifestyle, entertainments, jobs, educations, business, science technology, and other features exclusively for the news portal development.

Scope Of News Portal Development

Online News Report is reaches earlier than News Paper.

  • Online News can update regularly. And also we can update twice a day.
  • It saves Lot of time and Money.
  • People can receive updating information.


Our features include

  • News Website and Web Portal Development
  • Customize news portal development
  • Customize News Portal design
  • Integrating Content Management System (CMS)
  • News highlight


ERP Solution are vital to streamline businesses and achieve accountability in operations. Only with realistic ststus and data can key decisions be taken, efficiencies improved and potential unlocked.

Process Automation

ERP increases the company efficiency and aids in data collection. By eliminating manual processes based on a study of the data and implementing automation. unlock process efficiency.

Keeping All Data in One Location

No more searching for files and running around for values and stock. All data right from production to procurement can be made part of the Elie system. Even employee rights can be managed.

Comprehensive Reporting

You can generate customizable reports as you get a solution from the test (RP development company in Trichy With visual reports and Customized data in you can take the right decisions.

Customer Service

By using ERP soluttons.yout sales. marketing and custom.’ support can get ready data and customize their interactions to achieve maximum benefit and value foe the organization.

Enhanced Security

ERP offers top notch security to your operations, including an aspects of data collection. retenttOn.anatfyiS and reporting WASS rights Can be given based on different grades and designations.

Regulatory Compliance

ERP systems can in built to achieve compliance either. statutory or Otherwise Sy demonstrating compliance and showing our in every process. you gain reputation resulting in higher sales.

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Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) portal is an effective way to manage an organization’s interaction with its customers, internal and external stakeholders. It offers various tools and services to focus on driving sales growth, customer engagement, and retention in an organized manner. Our dedicated team of developers make out-of-box features which makes us unique from others.

Customer relationship management is a key in today’s business. One customer frowned results in a ripple effect and ensures a loss of several and also a dip in the revenue and goodwill of the organization. Managing CRM using traditional ways is impossible with most customers reaching out through the newer media and online. This means you are in dire need of an efficient and effective CRM portal. We are here to help you with that!


We provide you consultation as per your custom business CRM needs and requirements.


We help your company manage and integrate the important business operations through our CRM portal.


We help our customers in optimizing their CRM process using our CRM portal.

Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us?

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